Childhood Obesity Prevention – Why Breakfast is a Must

Lifestyle for children is as important as lifestyle for an adult. The fast pace in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. How do you slow it down? Why must you slow it down? What happens if you do not slow it down?Childhood obesity prevention-Why breakfast is a must is very important for you, as a parent, to understand. Here is why:Step 1. Your children need to slow their pace down before they go to school. Step 2. Most kids today will be obese before they are teenagers, breakfast can prevent this. Step 3. Their lifestyle is set in the morning, make sure it is set properly.Prevention is the key to stopping obesity and you must set an example early in their lives. Stop for one moment right now…Ponder on what I am saying. How important is your child’s future?Step 1. Your children’s body is adapting quickly to fit it’s lifestyle.
Children’s bodies are very resilient and can cope with a lot of changes.
Their minds compensate for many mistakes they make in life. Eating properly is not one of those mistakes.
Nutrition must start early in the morning or by lunch time they are starving. Having breakfast early gives them the energy and stamina they need before lunch. Kids stop eating when they are full.
Step 2. Most kids today will be obese before they are teenagers, breakfast can prevent this by slowing their brain down.
They need to stop and let their bodies adjust to a new day.
They do not need bacon and eggs, that’s not the point. They need to slow down, sit for a minute and give their brain food to start the day. A smoothie is great or whatever they like. What they eat is not as important as why.
Eating well and taking time to eat gives them the example they need to understand that their body is all they have. Prevention is the key. It’s not important that they finish all you give them, children know when to stop, if you let them.
Step 3. Their lifestyle is set in the morning,make sure it is set properly.
Stress is a huge problem for parents. Kids make stress part of their day. Stop it right in it’s tracks. No appointment or schedule or bus is more important than their lives. Stop them now.
Children do not understand stress and their bodies can cope with stress better than you can.
Do you want them to make the same mistakes you did?
Food for thought.